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The expert psychiatric team at Premier Psychiatry offer cognitive behavioral therapy in the Orland Park and Chicago Ridge, Illinois, areas. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be highly effective in treating mental health disorders, generalized anxiety, and even mere thoughts and behaviors that aren’t conducive to success.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Q & A

What is cognitive behavior therapy?

CBT is based on the theory that how an individual behaves depends more on their perception of a situation than the situation itself. This puts control back into the patient’s hands. CBT teaches patients how to identify how their perception may be driving their behaviors, look for warning signs of wrong or harmful perception, and adjust behaviors accordingly.

When is it helpful?

Cognitive behavior therapy is helpful when a patient finds that their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are holding them back in life, whether in the form of promotions, relationships, or happiness and quality of life. This makes CBT a very successful treatment for many mental health disorders including bipolar disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, ADHD, and more. It also makes it an excellent service for improving patient outcomes when no underlying disorder exists.

How can a patient ensure they choose the right therapist?

Before the first appointment, the patient can take measures to research the clinics he or she is considering. Reading online reviews, reviewing doctor biographies and credentials, and screening the provider’s website to ensure they offer the right services are vital steps in choosing the right provider. Patients can also look for a clinic that accepts their insurance.

Once the patient schedules an appointment, they can view it as an interview. During this appointment, the patient is screening the provider to ensure they like their communication style, feel comfortable sharing with them, and value the service they provide as a whole. If it’s not a fit, the patient should be made to feel comfortable scheduling with a different provider next time.

Does CBT replace medication?

In some cases, yes. Every patient’s unique circumstances, medical history, and treatment plan differ so an individual approach must be taken to create the most positive outcome. Some patients can discontinue medications altogether with the help of CBT while other patients need a combination of the two to be successful.

What can patients do to ensure their success in CBT?

There are several measures patients can take to improve their outcome. They can:

  • Come into therapy open-minded and ready to share and participate
  • Supplement their therapy with books, workbooks, and courses on cognitive therapy as recommended by their therapist
  • Apply what they learn in each session to their everyday life following the session

Accepted Insurance Providers

At Premier Psychiatry, we accept most major insurances. Here is a short-list of some the insurances that we accept. If you do not see yours listed, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

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